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SatoshiBanners.Xyz - Free Bitcoin Banner Exchange

  • How does this banner exchange work?
    You place our banner code on your faucet or Bitcoin site. For every ten banners you show, you earn seven credits for your own banner, which is displayed on other websites.

  • Can I buy banner impressions?
    No. This is a pure exchange. You must place our code on your site to earn credits.

  • How long does it take for accounts to be approved?
    Usually a couple of hours, but it can take up to two days.

  • What are the rules?
    They are pretty simple. You must use our code to generate impressions. You cannot manipulate or attempt to cheat the system. One banner per account. This is a free service and we reserve the right to terminate, block, or otherwise limit any account for any reason.

  • Is there a referral program?
    No. The only way to generate credits is to place our code on your site.

  • What if I am unsatisfied with this service?
    If you are unsatisfied, please discontinue use of our site.

  • Can I request a feature?
    You can, but we already have a pretty big list of planned upgrades. If you find a bug, contact support immediately.

  • What sites do you accept?
    It is a Bitcoin banner exchange, so your site should be Bitcoin related. We do not accept NSFW ads.

  • My question wasn't answered here?
    Feel free to contact support.

  • Is rock & roll dead?
    Please don't get me started.

SatoshiBanners.Xyz - Free Bitcoin Banner Exchange
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